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The SubRip .srt file format is supported by most software video players listed in Comparison of video player software such as VLC and Media Player Classic Home Cinema. For Windows software video players that do not support subtitle playback directly, the VSFilter DirectX filter displays SubRip and other subtitle formats.[11] The SubRip format is supported directly by many subtitle creation/editing tools, and some hardware home media players. In August 2008, YouTube added subtitle support to its Flash video player under the "Closed Captioning" option - content producers can upload subtitles in SubRip format.

A numeric counter identifying each sequential subtitle
The time that the subtitle should appear on the screen, followed by --> and the time it should disappear
Subtitle text itself on one or more lines
A blank line containing no text, indicating the end of this subtitle


00:20:41,150 --> 00:20:45,109
- How did he do that?
- Made him an offer he couldn't refuse.


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