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Camel case is the practice of writing phrases such that each word or abbreviation in the middle of the phrase begins with a capital letter, with no intervening spaces or punctuation.

It is also sometimes used in online usernames such as "johnSmith", and to make multi-word domain names more legible, for example in advertisements.
For clarity, this article calls the two alternatives upper camel case (initial uppercase letter, also known as Pascal case) and lower camel case (initial lowercase letter). Pascal case means only upper camel case.

Camel case is distinct from Title Case, which capitalises all words but retains the spaces between them, and from Tall Man lettering, which uses capitals to emphasize the differences between similar-looking words such as "predniSONE" and "predniSOLONE".

Camel case is also distinct from snake case, which uses underscores interspersed with lowercase letters (sometimes with the first letter capitalized). The combination of "upper camel case" and "snake case" is known as "Darwin case".

Darwin case uses underscores between words with initial uppercase letters, as in "Sample_Type". It has no known conventional use in computer programming but is named after Charles Darwin because of the way it has "evolved" from more traditional conventions.

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